Hamid Taieb New Voices Research Profile

I am a historian of philosophy working on the (early) phenomenological tradition and on medieval philosophy. From a systematic point of view, I am interested in various aspects of theoretical philosophy, such as philosophy of mind, metaphysics, and social ontology. I have explored or plan to explore the works of women philosophers in early phenomenology. I am currently running a research project on the problem of secondary qualities in the School of Brentano and the early phenomenological tradition, in which I will study the metaphysics and philosophy of nature of Hedwig Conrad-Martius and Edith Stein. I have also explored issues in social ontology in the works of Edith Stein and Gerda Walther.

Personal website: https://hu-berlin.academia.edu/HamidTaieb

Contact: hamid.taieb@hu-berlin.de

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