Gisele Dalva Secco New Voices Research Profile

My area of specialization is the Philosophy of Formal Sciences, and since my Ph.D. I have been teaching logic, philosophy of mathematics and philosophical methodology in undergraduate and graduate programs. I am an associate member of the Grupo Conesul de Filosofia das Ciências Formais (GCFCF), a member of the Association for the Philosophy of Mathematical Practice and one of the founding members of the Rede Brasileira de Mulheres na Filosofia. The varieties of connections between computer science and mathematical practices such as proving and calculating are one of my main research interests. My area of interest lies mostly in the articulation between the philosophy of formal sciences, the rewriting of the philosophical canon including the role of women intellectuals and issues regarding logic as an interdisciplinary tool for teaching practices in Brazilian high schools. During 2018, togheter with Juliana Missagia (UFSM) I have organized a translation group of texts written by women philosophers and, together with Mitieli Seixas (UFSM), a seminar on rewriting the philosophical canon. In collaboration with Nastassja Pugliese (UFRJ), we have analysed the works of Nísia Floresta, a 19th century Brazilian intellectual that came to be known as “the Brazilian Wollstonecraft” (Secco & Pugliese to be published), mapping her main philosophical arguments. Also, together with Miguel Álvarez Lisboa, we are investigating the intellectual development of Ayda Ignez Arruda, a Brazilian logician who was a fundamental figure in the elaboration and first developments of Paraconsistent Logic.

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