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11 January 2017

Rebecca Grotjahn and Ruth Hagengruber – “Luise Gottsched”

Talk | 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM |

Did you know that Bach had an Enkelschülerin? Luise Adelgunde Victoria Gottsched (1713-1762) was a universal scholar: a philosopher, a writer, a linguistic genius, and a pianist. When she came to Leipzig in 1735, freshly married to Johann Christoph Gottsched, a professor of poetics at the university, there was only one thing she could not do: composing, since it wasn`t part of the education program of the daughter of a doctor from Danzig. Thus, the “Gottschedin” took lessons with Johann Ludwig Krebs, one of the most talented pupils of Johann Sebastian Bach.

In the lecture series “Mein Lieblingsstück – Musikwissenschaft und ihr Innerstes (My Favorite Piece – Musicology and its Inner Essence)”, one of their works will be presented on Wednesday, January 11th: “Seyd gegrüßt, ihr schönen”, a “Cantate zum Singen bey dem Clavier”. The piece shows not only the musical talent of the composer, but is also an example of the culture of the Early Enlightenment, which had a center in Leipzig. The role played by learned women like Luise Gottsched in this world and the influence they had in their time will be explained by Prof. Dr. Ruth Hagengruber, professor of philosophy at the Paderborn University. The cantata of Prof. Dr. Rebecca Grotjahn, professor at the musicological seminar Detmold / Paderborn will be presented musically, with the support of the pianist Kostadin Delinikolov.

Aus deinen aufgeklärten Blicken strahlt mir ein ganzes” – a cantata of the philosopher and Bach`s Enkelschülerin, Luise Victoria Adelgunde Gottsched.

Lecture with music by Prof. Dr. Rebecca Grotjahn and Prof. Dr. Ruth Hagengruber, within the framework of the lecture series “Mein Lieblingsstück – Musikwissenschaft und ihr Innerstes”.

11 January 2017

7:00 PM - 9:00 PM


Detmold University of Music/ Audienzsaal
Neustadt 22
Detmold, (NRW) 32756 Germany
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