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1 June 2023

New Voices Summer Term 23 Talk Series on Phenomenology and Metaphysics: Hamid Taieb

| 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM | Center for the History of Women Philosophers and Scientists

Abstract: In this paper, I will discuss the views of Conrad-Martius and Stein on secondary qualities. More precisely, I will address the question of the non-reducibility of these qualities. Both Conrad-Martius and Stein reject the thesis that sensory qualities such as colours, sounds, odors, and similar properties, are identical to physical entities studied by the natural sciences, such as light waves or other imperceptible entities. Their respective arguments are based on a similar strategy: they both argue that there are specific qualitative differences in every class of sensory qualities, whereas the attempts to describe these qualities in terms of imperceptible physical entities erase these qualitative differences in favour of mere quantitative differences. I will go through their arguments, which, in the case of Conrad-Martius, interestingly rely on views from Goethe. I will then ask what exactly Conrad-Martius and Stein defend, that is, whether their claims are merely about the unreducible nature of colours and others sensory qualities to imperceptible physical entities or whether they also defend realism, that is, that these qualities do exist in the world around us.

Biography: Hamid Taieb is the leader of the DFG Emmy-Noether research group “A Sensible World”. From a systematic point of view, he specializes in the philosophy of mind and ontology, but has also explored issues in epistemology and philosophy of language. In addition, he is interested in philosophy of law.

This online talk will be held on Zoom. I hope many of you will be able to join us for an interesting talk and a friendly and engaged discussion!  Please register (no registration fees) here: phenomenology@historyofwomenphilosophers.org


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