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8 - 10 November 2018

Strategies of Resistance

Conference | all-day | Radical Philosophy Association

In response to the racist, sexist, nationalist, transphobic, nativist rhetoric and policy of the Trump White House, our conference theme this year is “Strategies of Resistance.”

Across the globe, individuals and communities are joining together to resist neo-liberalism, climate change, and global capital. They are practicing significant actions of solidarity and creatively imagining and prefiguring a new and more just world. From the Black Lives Matter movement, to rising antifascist activism in the U.S. and Europe, to solidarity with the Dreamers and their families as well as migrants across the world, we are living in an age where people are resurrecting old ways and finding new possibilities of joining together to resist unlivable and inhumane conditions. As members of the RPA, we stand together against the growing police state, the erosion of healthcare policies, a colonialist and aggressive foreign policy, and tax policy that benefits the wealthy at the expense of basic human needs. As much as ever, we recognize the importance of resistance and solidarity. With the rise of right-wing, anti-immigrant parties in Europe and the reappearance of blatant white supremacist rhetoric on the mainstream news in the United States, it is incumbent upon the left to join together to imagine, share, and act upon our strategies of resistance.

Call for Papers

8 - 10 November 2018



Room W-5215, University of Montreal
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