Eva Fürst New Voices Research Profile

I am currently interested in Rosa Mayreder’s synthetic human and its implications for a gender theory that neither denies corporeality nor lays too much focus on it when we discuss individuality and humanity. Furthermore, I am working on her only play Anda Renata, which is a feminist faust narrative. In my master’s thesis, I looked at current scholarship discussing the literary phenomenon of the doppelgänger and found that a striking majority of foundational texts claim that there are no female doppelgängers. I then went ahead and proved that that was not the case (cf. The Yellow Wallpaper, American Horror Story: Murder Hourse, The Icarus Girl, Jane Eyre, Coraline, to name a few). Faustian narratives can be read as doppelgänger narratives, which is why Anda and Aschmedai are of special interest to me. If you are also interested in Mayreder, and maybe even Anda Renata, I would love to hear from you and discuss possible collaborations. You can also approach me with ideas about postcolonial studies, narratology and theatre.

Personal Website: www.ibugi.de

Contact: ef@ibugi.de

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