Ebrahim Azadegan New Voices Research Profile

Feminist Care Ethics from an Islamic Stance

Abstract: Iḥsān is a fundamental ethical concept as emphasized in the Qur’ān, which has some similarities and important differences with the concept of care in Feminist ethics. In care ethics, it is argued that the caregiver reproduces ethical values by confirming caring relations that are essential for the establishment of an ethical society. Some critics argue that appealing only to the concept of care in our ethical theory cannot guarantee reaching a democratic and moral political theory as required for the constitution of a moral society. In this paper, we shall try to enrich the concept of care with its Islamic counterpart iḥsān and show that it could provide richer grounds for socializing care.

Personal website: http://philsci.sharif.ir/people/faculty/ebrahim-azadegan/

Contact: azadegan@sharif.edu

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