IAPh 2021 Sessions

In our main sections, possible topics include the following sessions:

  • Philosophy of Economics
    • Micro/Macro Ethics
    • Feminist Economics
    • Economic Justice
    • Economic Methodology
  • Environmental Philosophy
    • Food Ethics
    • Animal Ethics
    • Climate Ethics/Economics
    • Ecofeminism
  • Philosophy of Technology
    • Algorithms and Digitalization
    • Surveillance and Responsibility
    • Robotics and Artificial Intelligence
    • New Works/Future Directions
    • Feminist and Gender Philosophy of Technology
  • History of Philosophy
    • Feminist Historiographic Methodology
    • History of Women Philosophers: Western and Non-Western Traditions
  • COVID-19 and Philosophy
    • Philosophy and Pandemic Situations
    • Pandemical ethics
    • Impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on philosophy and research
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