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My current research project is concerned with Émilie du Châtelet’s contribution to the concept of knowledge and embedding this contribution in the Early Modern Era. The second part of the book aims to separate the concept of philosophy as a logical inquiry into our representations in the Early Modern Period from Kant’s concept of philosophy as metaphysics. I am working on this book project at the Center for the History of Women Philosophers and Scientists, Department of Philosophy, Paderborn University, where I am Assistant Professor. Before coming to Paderborn, I worked on a research project concerned with the root of the epistemological dilemma of the connection of the rational principle to the external world in the rationalists of the Early Modern Era at Harvard University, where I was a post-doc for 2 years. Émilie du Châtelet already played a main role in that book, which will be published this year. I wrote my PhD on Kant and Heidegger at Freiburg University. The book Heidegger im Ausgang Kants? Heideggers Kantauslegung im Lichte der systematischen Rolle der Zeit in Kant will be published with Herder shortly. More generally, I am interested in the theory of knowledge, including the development of this theme in the history of philosophy. My work in Paderborn connects this interest with a focus on Women in the History of Philosophy.

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