Charlotte E. Knowles New Voices Research Profile

I am an Assistant Professor of Philosophy in the department of Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy at the University of Groningen. My primary research areas lie in feminist philosophy and phenomenology, particuallry Beauvoir and Heidegger. These interests come together in my work on complicity: how and why agents sometimes play a role in reinforcing or upholding their own subordination. My research focuses primarily on complicity in gendered contexts, developing a phenomenological account to explore issues of freedom, responsibility, agency and oppression. I have published various journal articles on complicity, and am currently working on a manuscript on the topic. In addition to my research on complicity, I have also published work on testimonial injustice and gendered violence, for which I received the 2020 Robert Papazian essay prize. I am currently supervising two PhD projects, one on empowerment in Euro-American feminist discourse and one on gendered complicity as motivated ignorance.

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