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My research specialism is ancient Greek and Roman philosophy, especially the Presocratics, the Pythagorean tradition and the study of women in the history of philosophy. I am also interested in moral and political philosophy, feminist philosophy, and gender theory.
My PhD thesis focused on the Pythagorean women, a group of female intellectuals who were followers of Pythagoras and were credited with writing philosophical letters and treatises. That of the Pythagorean women is the first documented case of female engagement with ancient Greek philosophy and their texts are the earliest example of philosophical prose ascribed to women. As such, this is a fundamental stage in women’s philosophical history. My current project is to provide philosophical readings of the letters and treatises ascribed to Pythagorean women. For example, I am analysing the ethical arguments in Phintys’ On the Moderation of Women and, in collaboration with Giulia De Cesaris (KU Leuven), I am writing an article on the metaphysical and epistemological theory in Perictione’s On Wisdom.
I am also co-editing a book on ancient women philosophers with Katharine O’Reilly (King’s College London/Ryerson University). This volume includes chapters on a vast array of philosophers, stretching from eighth-century Indian philosophers to the Neoplatonist scientist Hypatia and the Japanese Buddhist thinker Murasaki Shikibu.

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