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In the 2010 paper (Astronomy & Geophysics, 51 (2), 9-13), I suggested that the murder of the Alexandrian philosopher Hypatia by a clique of Bishop Cyril’s zealots resulted from her involvement in the conflict between the Roman and Alexandrian Churches regarding the date of Easter in the year 417. The murder would have been committed in March 416 after she had performed controversial astronomical observations that supported the Roman date over the Alexandrian one.

This version faces severe problems from various sides. Therefore, in the 2016 paper (Vigiliae Christianae 70 (4), 373-400), I suggested another scenario, where an unorthodox position of the Novatian Church on determining the time of Easter and early Passover celebration in 414 triggered the chain of events leading to Hypatia’s murder. This scenario places the murder in March 415 and offers a unique time frame for all the related events. Here Hypatia displays astronomy skills that justify her subsequent historical reputation. I also shed light on the immediate circumstances of her murder, specifically suggesting it happened on the day she was making the equinoctial observations.

Finally, I proposed instituting a memorial day for Hypatia on the day of the vernal equinox:

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