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Radical Philosophy
a Radio Program on Melbourne Radio station 3CR
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Radical Philosophy

Philosophy is the study of knowledge, existence, reality, ethics, politics and the mind. Each individual has their own belief system, attitudes and concepts. Radical Philosophy will endeavour to challenge and enlighten the mind by the use of rational argument.

Radical Philosophy will push the boundaries of conventional philosophy by exploring alternative viewpoints. Each week there will be a different topic, and a series of questions on the given topic. The topics will include happiness, evil, the meaning of life, logic and ethics. Philosophers will be interviewed about their various areas of expertise. Preference will be given to female philosophers, because within the discipline of philosophy there is a bias towards male philosophers. Listeners will have lots of food for thought and will be able to draw their own conclusion about any given topic from the arguments presented.

Radical Philosophy is a Radio Program on Melbourne Radio station 3CR.

Professor Ruth Hagengruber speaks about the history of women in philosophy and cutting through the veil of ignorance and rewriting the history of philosophy.

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> Part 2

Professor Jane Caputi speaks about Mary Daly and her animal rights activism, her last book Amazon Grace- recalling the courage to sin big as well as her fondest memories of Mary.

Professor Jane Caputi speaks about Mary Dalys' publications The Church and the Second Sex, Beyond God the Father and Wickedary.

The Plumwood Trust is finding ways to expand the legacy of ecophilosopher, Val Plumwood. These include the creation of an Eco-Writers’ retreat, as part of the BREW network and the journal of Australian Ecopoetry and Ecopoetics, Plumwood Mountain.

Talking with Dr Jacqueline Broad, who is writing a book about Mary Astell, a 17th century English feminist and philosopher, who was quite famous in her time, but whose influence and notoriety has dissipated considerably since.

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