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The Teaching and Research Area ‘History of Women Philosophers’ exists since 2005, headed by Prof. Dr. Ruth Hagengruber. Its aim is to renew the long-lasting tradition of women philosophers. The Paderborn University offers unique opportunities to gain insight into the contributions of Women Philosophers to the history of ideas.

Regular Courses

E-learning at the Center

The planned online teaching project "Philosophy Goes MOOC" is a variation of the project "Philosophy in the Media". Its individually-designed programs allow long-term, intensive, and independent examination of philosophical content. "Philosophy Goes MOOC" is a non-linear, scalable, media and subject-matter-oriented program. Learners will select compulsory lectures to view and have the opportunity to pose individual questions to the professor regarding those lectures. In this way students will set their own learning goals and reach those goals by incorporating their own background knowledge at...