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In the media age, philosophical analyses are no longer confined to texts. Also, for the purpose of teaching philosophical discourse, the focus is placed on audiovisual material. The interdisciplinary, award-winning project “Philosophy in the Media“ appreciates the growing importance of media use in university teaching. 

Economical, technological and gender issues are among the currently most challenging for philosophy. They will be the most decisive social influences in the near future. The teaching and research area "EcoTechGender" is dedicated to the philosophic analysis of the relationships amongst these topics.

"In der Philosophie zu Hause (At Home in Philosophy)" is a diversity project funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research at the department of philosophy in Paderborn. It was established in 2011 by Prof. Dr. Hagengruber and is run by Ana Rodrigues. The project’s aim is to offer counselling as well as courses giving minorities, especially migrants, opportunities to raise issues and to discuss them academically.